July 21, 2009

Coming Home Soon!

I'm coming home soon! I'm running around crazy trying to see all my friends and go to all the goodbye parties and clean my apartment and pack up.

I'll be leaving Kagawa on August 2nd to travel around Japan a bit. Then, my flight is on August 16th. But I have a layover in New York. I will be back home on the 18th, I believe. I haven't been issued my tickets yet. But assuming they don't change, I think that's the schedule. (I don't have my itinerary right in front of me.)

I can't believe 2 years has come and gone. It's gone by so fast it seems. I'm still not sure if I made the right decision in coming home now, but I hope to make the most of this coming year before heading to grad school. Look forward to seeing everyone.